Global Rainforest Fund launched to raise $100bn to stop deforestation

The Coalition for Rainforest Nations (CfRN) and its advisors EY and Fund Nature have launched the Global Rainforest Capital Markets Initiative (GRCMI) that will target channeling upwards of USD100 billion per annum of carbon credits & return seeking private sector capital to Rainforest Sovereign Nations via the Paris-Aligned, UN-regulated, multi-Gigatonnature carbon unit the UNFCC REDD+ credit.

This Working Group will be formed by COP26 and will focus on two deliverables by COP27 to safeguard the current 1.8 GtCO2e per annum of net sequestration power of the global rainforests:

1. Create THE global benchmark for Carbon through multi-Gigaton CO2e per annum global suite of UNFCCC REDD+ credits - This transformation to include:

  • Primary Dealer style Issuance model

  • FurtherREDD+linkedspotandforwardcarbonmarketsoutto30yearsandmeet2050

    net-zero targets

  • Global Rainforest Carbon Index

  • Asia / Latam/ Africa regional Rainforest sub indices

  • Facilitation of REDD+ Debt Capital Markets linked issuance

  • 1.5c Paris pathway benchmark reference pricing

2. Global Rainforest Fund – Launch a fund, with a graduated funding target raise of USD100 billion, to provide investment funds to sovereign rainforest nations through the UNFCCC REDD+ mechanism’s market architecture whilst generating benchmark returns on capital at risk for investors.

For more information please contact:

Michael Mathres, Founder, Fund Nature
Kevin Conrad & Federica Bietta, Founders, Coalition for Rainforest Nations

Patrice Lefeu, Partner, EY